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my son would not take this jersey off. we love it
  Dominic Mace

My guests and I can not stop talking about how great  theses sheets are! They are so soft and comfortable and match our spare bedroom  perfectly! They are beautiful and thick, they are not thin at all and will stand  up to many washings for sure! I cant wait to my 2 more sets for our master  bedroom. As my husband says that sheets are made to be that soft!
 Rhyanna  O'Neal

6/3/17 - Received this Sheet Set today. I immediately  laundered it in cold water and put them in the dryer on low. I was amazed and  certainly pleased that this sheet set came out beautifully. Not only did it dry  in half the time that most of my other Jersey Sheets, the hem around the opening  of the pillow case and on the flat sheet did NOT twist or shrink like my other  Jersey Sheets have. They came out of the dryer looking just like I received  them. It feels real silky soft also but not slippery like a satin sheet is. What  a wonderful product. I hope AmazonBasics continue to carry this particular sheet  set in case I decide to order it in other colors. Also, the price is great!  Thank you Amazon.
 Mack  Gellerman

This sheet fit my foldable travel crib perfectly and it is  soft and pretty. The quality is nice and it washes well. Very happy with this  purchase.
 Tisay Dela Cerna  Pilapil

Perfect gym shorts.
 Varun Verma

They were good my mom used them all summer long and she  still has not wore them out. Good item.
 Annika  Bo

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