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Great quality replacement part! Easy fix :)you saved me a lot of money. Looking forward to doing business with you.
 Emese Badó
This product was a pretty good deal. It fit my mini crib mattress perfectly. I've had it for almost 1year it works great. The only down side is that after washing them about 1x a wk for almost 1yr I just noticed that the fabric was starting to come apart from the elastic but I can't complain for the price I paid for them. I would purchase again.
 Katherina m doyle
Material is not what I was expecting. Not your fault. I was looking for something more silky and slick to the touch. But they are fine shorts.
 Pollina Sar
I wanted to buy from a local store, but the quality was poor and expensive, for this price range. So I searched on Amazon and found this display case for cheaper and better quality. I received it quickly and the case was pack securely. It is great product for under $ 100.
 Lotfi zac
I love the Hario brew method. My coffee I almost never make my coffee any other way! I strongly recommend that you give this brew a try ... If you don't want to shell out the money for everything right away (you need a Hario V60 Dripper, a kitchen scale, a gooseneck kettle [I use bona vita electric goosneck kettle see my other reviews to find it it is the best] hario V60 filters and of course the coffee) I suggest that you find a real coffee shop that offers different brew methods. Once you try a Hario V60 brewed coffee you won't go back and it makes the purchase totally worth it.
 Nely tyna
Trying to find a football jersey without team logos is more difficult than I thought. I was happy to find this one on Amazon and at a great price. It fit hubby well and is true to size. He likes it & of course that's all that really matters.
 Giacomo jinn
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